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Writer/Editor/Journalist/Content Strategist

Hi! I'm Miranda. I'm a freelance writer (of all sorts), editor, content strategist, and former rhetoric/writing professor.

Much more info about me & my work is available at about.me/miranda_hale.

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The Inlander

CD Review: Vermont- "Calling Albany"

Subdued yet seething with a sturdy determination, these twelve songs spin a web of almost perfectly sad, dreamy pop.

The Inlander

CD Review: Mates of State- "Team Boo"

Team Boo (Polyvinyl), the Mates of State's third full-length release, is completely delightful. There is really no other word that better describes what the husband and wife...

The Inlander

CD Review: Rufus Wainwright- "Want One"

Want One (Dreamworks), his third release, is both exhilarating and sad, nostalgic and very much ahead of its time.

The Inlander

CD Review: Jonathan Richman- "Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love"

While Richman retains his playful innocence, he deals with some serious issues (aging, regret and politics) for the first time here. This, arguably, is his first truly adult...

The Inlander

CD Review: Mirah- "C'mon Miracle"

C'mon Miracle is the work of a deft and maturing singer-songwriter. It's perfect for those reflective summer evenings full of hope and promise.

The Inlander

CD Review: Rainer Maria- "Long Knives Drawn"

Long Knives Drawn is a beautiful and ingenious album from a band that is as smart and lovely as it is funny and sassy.

The Inlander

CD Review: Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks- "Pig Lib"

This is a moody, complicated, and intellectual album that is, above all else, heartbreakingly beautiful in both its seriousness and its goofiness.

The Inlander

CD Review: Weird War- "If You Can't Beat 'Em, Bite 'Em"

Yes, this is mostly style over substance, but so what? It's fun, bizarre, indefinable, and has plenty of soul and intelligence buried under all those guitars and dance beats.


CD Review: Slumber Party- "Psychedelicate"

These 11 songs spin languid fairy tales back-lit by the poetry of dreams, offering lamentations and rapture in equally delicate measures.


CD Review: No-Shadow Kick- "Promo EP"

Northampton, Massachusetts band No Shadow-Kick's holiday six-song promotional EP is a short but diverse introduction to the band's style. The opening track "In the Snow", the...


CD Review: The No-No's - "Let Your Shadow Out"

Portland's The No-No's third full-length release, "Let Your Shadow Out", is intelligent and bold indie pop-punk at its best.