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Hi! I'm Miranda. I'm a freelance writer (of all sorts), editor, content strategist, and former rhetoric/writing professor.

Much more info about me & my work is available at about.me/miranda_hale.

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Richard Dawkins Foundation

Rabbit is the question

...Intentional obscurantism is always annoying and intellectually dishonest, but it'€™s especially troubling when authors use it in an attempt to make their particular form of...


School voucher programs are both ineffective and dangerous

Governmentally funded school voucher programs have the potential to negatively affect every community that relies on public schools to educate its children.


The Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport must not be allowed to hide behind the First Amendment

The Church's secrets must be brought to light so that the Church and its officials can be held fully responsible for their misdeeds. The Church's dishonesty and secrecy must not...


It's time to speak out against Bill Donohue

Bill Donohue, president of The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (better known as the Catholic League) displays an almost unbelievable level of paranoia and a...


Lobbying disguised as liturgy



The Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport is running out of options

...For the victims' sake and out of respect for the Constitution, the Court must deny the diocese's request. Then and only then will they have to reveal their misdeeds and take...


Personal religious objections are not relevant to the legislative process

...It is never acceptable, though, to let religious groups and lobbies throw their might around in this manner, especially when the reproductive rights of women are at stake.


The Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport has finally exhausted all of its legal options

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has exhausted all of its legal options in its seven-year fight to prevent the release of over 12,600 legal and judicial...


Government officials should not be supporting Bill Donohue's campaign

Like most of Donohue's hissyfits, this is a complete non-issue. The Empire State Building, a privately-owned company, is under no obligation to grant Donohue's request...


The Inlander

Interview with author Kevin Sampsell

"Necessary Tension"- Interview with author Kevin Sampsell

The Inlander

Interview: The Wiggles

They're four talented men with distinct, silly personalities, cute wardrobes, screaming fans and world-wide success. The Beatles? Nah, it's the Wiggles, the Fab Four for the...

The Inlander

Interview: Pretty Girls Make Graves

Seattle's Pretty Girls Make Graves is one of those bands that kind of flirts with mainstream success but is ultimately happy to remain on that fringe between independent rock...

The Inlander

Interview: The Kissers

The Kissers are a five-piece group from Madison, Wis., who combine traditional Celtic sounds, punk spirit and an old-fashioned country vibe with rock and roll rhythms.


The Inlander

Book Review: "Perfect Sound Forever: The Story of Pavement"

Pavement, the most influential and original indie-rock band to come out of the '90s underground, has finally been immortalized in an authorized group biography.

Metapsychology Online Reviews

Book Review: Meghan Daum- "My Misspent Youth"

Daum has succeeded both in making a work very much of its time and one that will be relevant for many years to come.

Metapsychology Online Reviews

Book Review: Sam Lipsyte- "Venus Drive"

Lipsyte's world is a ghost world, a commercialized and frequently sterile life whose inhabitants are wandering around aimlessly, looking for beauty and meaning wherever they can...

Metapsychology Online Reviews

Audiobook Review: "Sylvia Plath Reads"

The first impression one gets from listening to Sylvia Plath read her poetry is that she possessed the most haunting of voices.  Her voice echoes throughout whatever chamber it...

The Inlander

CD Review: The Postal Service- "Give Up"

As a musical medium, electronica can be anything -- from harsh to numbing, from spiritual to soothing. Or it can be evocatively nostalgic and go hand-in-hand with quiet indie...